In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

One of the reasons of apathy of Nawaz Government towards people is that he does not represent the majority of electorate. In Pakistan for 2013 elections there were 84,207,524 voters out of this strength of voters 45% declared by their silence that they do not favor any of the combatants or contestants. It cannot be wisely said that these voters abstaining from expressing there will were neutral. Even if one presumes neutrality in their case than to quote Churchill they were against all the contestants in the elections because he said ‘One who is not with us is our enemy. ’ Leave aside other parties N-League and its chief are never tired boasting that people have given them mandate. In democracy the simplest number to confirm popularity of a party or a person is 51% of the voters. 45% exercising their abstinence prove the fact that at least they are against Nawaz Sharif. Now of the polled votes he got 14,874,104 (32.7%). It shows that he did not get even the majority of polled votes. Leave aside the contribution of mal-practices practiced for his party’s success because currently it is a matter of subjudice. A person who craves for power on the basis of majority votes but he is rejected by the majority and through some device or the other or through lapses in the system he assumes power than certainly he is vindicating towards the electors. This is the reason that his government has been acting to the disadvantage of the people but off course to his own advantage because for being in power he has been manipulating state resources to his own and his family advantage. Projects like Metro Bus may have been a beneficial for consuming steel of Sharifs and cement of Mian Mansha. It is nonproductive or counterproductive so far as national economy is concerned. His pre-election deep affiliations with terrorist like Sipah-e-Sahaba, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and the like are not secret unknown to the public. These terrorist had affiliations with him because under his umbrella they could promote their sectarian mal-adventures. They served him to scare away other potential rivals like PPP, ANP etc. from effectively playing in electoral exercise. Let there be a movement to awaken the abstaining voters to come in the field, participate in the elections and express there will against the system which they dislike but for certain hesitations restrain from coming to the polling station. This may contribute towards the solution of the crisis.

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