In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

Leaving aside the acceptability or other wise of the judicial commission report by the parties to the moot. The basic deficiency in terms of reference was:- The term electorate was not defined nor at that time the parties to the dispute were probably cognizant of this essential fact. In Pakistan the listed voters qualified to vote in elections are almost 84.2 million and the polled votes are 45.3 million which make about 54% of the total number of qualified listed voters. A party or a person having majority of 84.2 million can claim to have mandate of electorates. Results of the elections showed that among others there were four political parties having sizable number of polled votes. These include PML-N: 14,874,104 votes. PTI: 7,679,954 votes. PPP: 6,911,218 votes. MQM: 2,456,153 votes. Most probably it was for this reason that the parties to the dispute did not insist to get or to have term electorate defined. Certainly electorate would mean the total number of qualified voters as listed by Election Commission. If this fact is admitted than there is no cavil to this assertion that out of all the contesting parties none got mandate of electorate. If PTI would have been better advised it must have insisted on definition of term electorate. Unless this term is defined in its true spirit nobody can stop engineered elections in this country. Because participation in elections by every voter is not made a must nor such atmosphere is created which should be congenial to the voters to march to the polling station. Maybe even the program of the parties contesting the elections is not acceptable to all the voters. If this system is allowed to continue than a day may come that a person having to his credit five votes of a family member and keeping the rest of the electorate away from the polling station may become an MNA or MPA or as the case maybe. This is not a joke the results in Baluchistan prove this anomalous position. All the political parties are afraid of majority of the electorate therefore they feel easy in the system that prevails and honors a person having majority of polled votes and not the majority of the electorate of his constituency. This is the real problem which was not refereed to the judicial commission for determining the validity of elections.

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