In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

Visualizing rapid growth and expansion of Lahore Pitras Bukhari had written, if one wants to know where Lahore is so he will find it to the north of Punjab, to the south of Punjab, to the west of Punjab and the Punjab in Lahore. Today one feels that Bahria Town is so expanding as to be to be equivalent of Pitras Bukhari’s Lahore and Pakistan will be found in Bahria Town. There can be no expansion of this size without blessings from those who have a duty to check such expansions and fail to perform their duty and stoop in favor of the expansionist. These days some retired military officers and Malik Riaz are trading allegations against each other which shows how deep poison of corruption has gone in the society. A society consisting of Sharifs, Zardaris, Malik Riaz and his adversaries can hardly get rid of poverty indebtedness and ultimate bankruptcy. If the allegations of Malik Riaz and his critics/ accused are true than except for miserable failure and culpable involvement of those who have been ruling this country for decades. We are just now listening to Rtd Colnel Khalid who boasts himself to be as great as to be protector of AQ Khan who claims to be protector of Pakistan. If this retired soldier is telling truth than Pakistan remains at whose mercy? One is reminded of Pervaiz Musharraf’s farewell address as President wherein his concluding remarks were “Ab Pakistan ka Allah hi Hafiz”.