In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

Are MQM and JUI justified to have PTI out of National Assembly? The demand of the two parties mentioned above are practically two poles apart in there posture in national politics. What is the common factor for them to join? Here one is reminded of the story from Maulana Rumi's Masnavi. It is narrated there that a crow and a pigeon were in dialogue along a rivulet. Maulana Rumi was astonished to see them together. He narrates the differences which are otherwise peculiar to one against the other. He could not find any reason for the two birds of mutually variant species and culture and therefore in his wilderness he threw a pebble towards them and saw that both were lame. Maulana Rumi concludes that sometimes being lame is also a common factor in otherwise variant species of birds. Here one would have to throw a pebble to see that what is a common factor between MQM and  JUI and maybe that a researcher locates the common deficiency which has brought them together. Otherwise they have never agreed on something positive and beneficial to the people of Pakistan. Some of the people think that in final analysis JUI and MQM are either terrorist or pro-terrorist groups

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