In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

The crisis in Pakistan is deepening with every click of clock. All arrangements up till now have now have not delivered as expected. Today leave aside terrorist, the politicians have drawn there daggers against one another. The main accusation by each side against others is allegation of corruption and in this respect all of them are right because none of them is immune from this cancer but the cancer has been injected by them to the whole of the nation. The process of taking the corrupt to the task is not against each and every perpetrator of the crime. The process is one sided and the thief is blaming the dacoit while there is none to check. It is claimed that the process is all embracing but the people know that it is not a fact. Of course those hauled up are no angels but those occupying the steering are no better than the earlier. This discriminatory treatment has generated a sense of feeling among Sindhis that they are being victimized by Punjabis. This feeling can be remedied only when those who are ruling Punjab are also taken to same course to which Sindhis have been or are being dealt with. Of course the bickering by the Sindhi corrupt and corruptive agents is more audible against their Punjabi counterparts yet the history shows that this is “Noora-Kushti” and not a real dual. Maybe this view is not acceptable to the parties to the “Noora-kushti” yet we cannot forget the 70 courses dinner by one corrupt to the other. The same is the situation with regard to facilitators of terrorists. The known facilitators and rather the open patrons of terrorist are important figures in government in Punjab. Central minister Abid Sher Ali Khan has made open allegations against the minister, Rana Sana Ullah, who has been made the custodian of law in the province, saying that he has been privy to 20 murders. It is regrettable that no one in authority in any department or division of government has taken any action on these allegations. The inalienable impression gathered by the people is that the country is being run by the gangsters in form of ministers. Until and unless a convincing measure is adopted to do away with this discriminatory handling the results will not be welcome. The verdict of a high court judge in model town massacre of yesteryear has gone in the wind and those found liable are ruling Punjab.

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