In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

Terrorism in Pakistan is a product of US-Saudi mal-adventure and not need of Muslims or Pakistanis. If Obama knows what Tony Blair has said about heinous crime of Great Britain and United States for fabricating hoax of WMDs possessed by Saddam and made it an excuse for gaining their own malafidi objectives resulting in loss of 1.5 Million lives in anti-Saddam war. The Mujahideen in Afghanistan were created by United States with blessings and monetary support from Saudi Arabia in a bid to arrest USSRs influence in this part of Asia. These Mujahideen further degenerated into Taliban, thereafter Al-Qaeda and now ISIS. Terrorism in Pakistan and Nawaz Sharif are, each, the other face of the same coin. Who can believe US State Dept when they make the captioned statement? So far all the efforts made in Pakistan have fully secured Nawaz Sharif while the Pakistanis are still soft targets of the terrorists as is evidenced by the performance of terrorists in Bolan in Baluchistan and Jacobabad of Sindh.

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