In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

On this subject what has been flashed by NAT News is as under “Interior Minister Chaudary Nisar Ali Khan said that Pakistan military is winning the war on militancy but we are losing the psychological war against terror”. What does he mean by ‘we’? The question is with himself he includes whom and they are how many? Because the listener may presume that by ‘we’ he means that the whole of Nawaz Sharif cabinet or the whole of the nation. If he means the former, he may be right and more than 100%. However, if he means the nation he may be thinking in which wishful terms of the terrorist. ‘Psychological war’? Psychological warfare as defined by the Oxford Dictionary means action or propaganda designed to weaken an enemy’s morale. What does morale mean? The state of a person’s or group’s spirits and confidence. This statement of the Interior Minister portrays that he and his ‘we’ have lost morale. Is he the Interior Minister of Pakistan or a spokesman of terrorists commissioned to create the situation he has described? Military and the people of Pakistan but for the ‘we’ of Chaudary Nisar are at one and the same page against terrorist and terrorism. To the extent of his view about his ‘we’ (which includes only his colleagues) are to be condemned by the nation.

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