In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

People in Muslim world do not, as sharply, react to their rulers amassing wealth as do the nations elsewhere. For instance, the noise and clamor raised in context of Panama Leaks by media and politicians could not muster mass against Sharifs despite their ceaseless efforts. The leaders could not bring the people to streets. It is because of the reason that those taking exception to Sharifs money making could not convince the masses that their pursuit was haram. Muslims believe that acquiring wealth and property through lawful means is not limited by bounds or volume. If the person possessing wealth and property has acquired it through lawful efforts and has paid on it Quranic levy’s like Ushr, Zakkar and Khums he is not culpable for his possessions and state has no authority to question it. Whereas in nations other than Muslims, state has stiff control and far reaching authority to appropriate specified portion of wealth of its citizen for the services rendered by state to its citizens. The present agitation against Sharifs wealth is for its volume and not against the means whereby they amassed it. Let the critics of Sharifs wealth make efforts and bring it in the category of haram. Only then Muslims will rise to take them to account. From the earliest history of Islam there have been people with riches which look astonishing but their wealth was halal therefore there was never any agitation even by the companions of the Holy Prophet against some of them possessing wealth far more than the deposits in Bait-ul-Maal. It is certain that Sharifs cannot justify their wealth being halal but unfortunately even the clerics who are among their critics have not said a word on this score.

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