In continuation of crisis in Pakistan

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan Today’s crisis which may by now be subject of an APC under the president ship of PM Nawaz Sharif which is expected to be attended by heads/ representatives of all considerable opposition parties (Minus Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad who is everything in his party from any ordinary member to every office which a political party may have).One is shocked to see the magnanimity and sensitivity of the issues and the intellectual caliber and moral integrity of the persons who would assemble to steer the vote of this country out from whirl pool of crisis. If Modi has the courage to undo Water Treaty signed by the leaders of the stature of Pandat Jawar Lal Nehru and FM Ayub Khan, which has been smoothly, peacefully operated for about more than half a century. Is our Prime Minister equipped of intellect and moral courage to say that Pakistan will not further go by Red Cliff’s Award which is the evil spirit of all crisis between India and Pakistan. I am sure none an opposition including the self-styled Captain IK or the leader in the bud who claims to be successor to Z.A. Bhutto his grandfather and his own mother Banazir Bhutto could do it,  a few hours earlier SiraJ ul Haq was on serene stage of Moudodi was Jumping to copy Bhutto and was apt to make another Pakistan within India will have the necessary potential  to stage a resolution in APC meeting that Gurdas Pur is ours and we don’t claim Red Cliff’s Award. I am sure that the very idea will make them suffer sleepless nights. Whether some the Indian Army personnel sneaked into Pakistan for a surgical operation or not?  Is an issue which should not consumed whole of our energy to contradict this lie. Modi who had the courage to say in public in Dhaka that India made Bangladesh was the choicest guest of our PM at a wedding ceremony of Sharif’s family. We are so divested of wisdom that we day and night lamenting that Bollywood refused to entertain our actors. This is other major issues with our media and politicians. We are in habit of dreaming of seven fleet to arrive at East Pakistan shores but defeat never comes and East Pakistan reduce to Bangladesh. We are in the habit of responding to the smooth eating up of our tail by the jackal and say like a lamb. “My Mamu is combing my tail”. China has since 2014 issue with India about diversion of a tributre to the Brahputra and not damming up Brahputra but unfortunately our media encouraged by the Govt. caused this issue between India and China. A retaliation by China to India in response of Modi’s threat to undo the Water Treaty. Only Allah knows when he will take account of our politicians who don’t hesitate to mislead the nation on trivial as well as major issues. The only solution to our problem is that everyone who has an influence big or small an authority mild or forceful must be honest to himself. This is all the more needed of constituent of today’s APC.   if you divide a community into different segments and say that only one specific target of your assault and rest remain assured of peace and community will believe in one by one, then these segments are eliminated, there is a proverb in agricultural community of our side which runs as under. Four sports boys trespass into the melon filed of a farmer, he could not combat with them all once and together. He made them sit under shadow of a tree and got them introduced them to himself. One of them said I am son of a cobbler, other said I am son of a farmer, Third said I am son of Imam  Masjid and fourth said I am son of Pir. Old farmer first addressed to son of Cobbler. Saying you son of cobbler how you dare to tress passed my filed. Other three were told they were better than the first one. He tied him with the trunk of the tree and then came to farmer son you being son a farmer did not know how cruel it is to trespass into melon filed. The other two are respectable people, they could have done it. Then after taking him to trunk of tree, he reverted to Imam's son. And said the fourth is a son of Pir I can sacrifice all for him but how you dare being a son of a Molvi became thief. And did the same with him. Then he came to Pir's son and said you being a pious man's son have become dacoit and tied him as well with tree. He took his whip and entertained all four. But we are not a community of thieves. We apprehend that relationship between Modi and NS unless reined by Pakistani’s made us in some big trouble. I had earlier also expressed my views that if peace and fraternity prevail between Modi and NS why two nations are under their control. Or thrown into theater of war. you may, the same question you may put to Modi who is too intelligent and too sharp as compare to our PM. He may be in position to render explanation to this anomaly.

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