In Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

The mismanagement of state by politicians whether in government or in opposition, the clerics and the forces that be have brought the country to a very dangerous brink. What has necessitated to say 'Balochistan is inseparable part of Pakistan'? While the fact is Balochistan is Pakistan as the remaining units of federation. Who has emboldened a segment of disgruntled Sardars to make expressions in bold letter In Switzerland portraying their nasty desires to replay 1970/ 71 debacle. While our foreign ministry has failed to create an impression that solidarity of Pakistan is not vulnerable by any country including Switzerland, the politicians are more worried about 'Do Panama' or 'Avoid Panama' and so is judiciary. Moreover, Article 184-C has not been invoked to adjudicate upon the factors who are responsible for having brought Pakistan to this juncture. Where is the intelligence Shah of Pakistan? The self styled Plato and Socrates of media who would paint the true picture and expose the factors responsible for this malady. The fact is, the pigmies, the self seekers, the reckless looters, the feud mongers in society in robes of clerics are mainly responsible for keeping the people misinformed about real problems of the country. The nation which is unfortunately an addict to personality cult has been thrown into quagmire of debate about Sharifs, Zardris, IK and sectarian troublemakers.

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