The force of dialogue which apparently  not between Taliban and someone else is infect  an intra Taliban dialogue. It is now crystal clear that the whole drama is being enacted on a script prepared by Saudi Arabia. The ceaseless chain of Saudis dignitary visit to Pakistan in the near past and immediate future coupled with visit of Pakistan Army Chief to Saudi Arabia and delay of intra Taliban dialogue on childish excuses speak volume to corroborate those who maintain  the who of unrest in Pakistan is Saudi contrivance to prepare the ground to make Pakistan a Pro Wahabi State. The new version of Taliban that they abide by the Constitution which mandates promulgation of Sharia is obviously a manipulated narrative. Till yesterday for them Pakistani Constitution was secular and today it has become a document demanding Sharia of Taliban to be  state system of Pakistan. America for accommodating Saudis is showing leniency in its serious persuit of drone attacks which is further evidence of US Saudi collaboration for achieving the aforesaid end in Pakistan. It is apprehended that when Nawaz Govt. signs capitulation there will be violent uprising in the already volatile areas of Balochistan, Karachi etc. In that case  what will Nawaz Sharif surrender to be BLA and  the likes.

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