In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan. Muslim League and Judiciary.

Soon after the demise of Quaid-e-Azam Muslim League felt free of all legal norms, political morality and fairness. The track record of Muslim League in this respect is certainly deplorable. Central Muslim League and Provincial Muslim Leagues in the erstwhile united Pakistan were at daggers drawn resulting in disintegration of Muslim League in various parts. In Punjab there was Jinnah Muslim League under Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot with horns locked with Mumtaz Doltana, In NWFP it was Muslim League under Qayum Khan fighting with the Central Muslim League, in East Pakistan (East Bengal) Awami Muslim League under Hussain Shaheed Soharwardhy was in direct conflict with Liaquat Ali Khan. There were many more still born babies with different versions of Muslim League coming down to council Muslim League led by Muhtarma Fatima Jinnah and conventional Muslim League headed by Field Martial Ayub Khan. These divisions were not for the good of people of Pakistan but for selfish goals determined by each segments leaders to achieve by misusing the name of Muslim League. We come down to recent decades when we come across Junejo Muslim League, Pagara Muslim league and Muslim Leagues with ridiculous names like Jatki Muslim League. Etc. Later on a Muslim League was produced by Zia-ul-Haq legitimate successor whereto by its own claim is Muslim League Nawaz. All these Muslim Leagues including Muslim League Q of Gujrat origin; All Pakistan Muslim League, the product of Pervez Musharraf’s adventure and one man Muslim League called again Awami Muslim League headed by Sheikh Rasheed do not claim their affinity with All India Muslim League which under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah had exclusive credit of establishment of largest Muslim State, Pakistan. What these Muslim Leagues have been doing with Judiciary can be codified in a voluminous record. The recent achievements of Muslim League with whatever denomination visavi with Judiciary is also worthy of condemnation. Since certain events are fresh in memory of People of Pakistan therefore the same maynot be reiterated here. However the glory of Muslim League, major factor of which is now Muslim League Nawaz, is available in assault on Supreme Court on 28 November 1997. In this ugly event role of Mr. Raffique Tarar, who is blamed to have bribed his colleagues against Sajjad Ali Shah, is the most ignoble deed of Nawaz Sharif. He repaid Raffique Tarar by foisting him as titular president of Pakistan who was later kicked out by Pervaiz Musharraf. People have seen him dragging himself behind Nawaz Sharif seeking alms in form of ticket to one of his close relatives. It was such a shameful scene that I cannot forget it although about half a decade ago I witnessed the scene on TV. In assault on Supreme Court the notorious Tariq Aziz actor was leading those busy desecrating Supreme Court building. Today if Rana Sanaulla, Pervaiz Rasheed and the like are vomiting abuses to a judge it is nothing strange because they have to follow their gang master.

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