In continuation of Crisis in Pakistani.

In the current political turmoil the Sharif's government has been using all weapons and all tactics available to them as stated earlier the sectarian venom is there most trusted weapon. The gift of Zia-ul-Haq, the spiritual father of Sharif brothers was this venom. Today the Ehl-e-Sunnat val-jammat (the screen name of banned outfit) and Maulvi Fazl-ur-Rehman have openly launched this weapon to counteract TUQ's movement wherein he has shown his unqualified rejection of sectarianism and terrorism based on sectarian prejudices. The Sharifs as posted yesterday are if not producers of sectarian terrorism, they are atleast its promoters. If the country does not get rid of Sharifs in this juncture the crisis in Pakistan shall certainly assume fatal proportions. The PPP's miserable failure in politics in Pakistan has not addressed to this issue either in there tenure or today when Zardari is the chief consultant of Nawaz Sharif and tomorrow he is the guest of honor at Raiwand. TUQ's fight against terrorism maybe labeled as biased yet Imran Khan's courageous stand against sectarianism is really appreciable but his lacking is that he cannot express himself in terms of the Quran and Sunnah to substantiate his pious views in this behalf. To Jamat-e-Islami religious obsession of the people is a means of exploitation and there leaning is towards Anti Shia-Sunni sects. The immediate predecessors of Siraj-ul-Haq is on record to have called a dog a shaheed and has put question mark on the views which say that Pakistani soldiers lain down there lives in defense of Pakistan or similar to those who defended British rule in the subcontinent.

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