In Continuation of crisis in Paksitan.

In Continuation of crisis in Paksitan. The developments rather stalemate in Islamabad sit-ins is evidence of the facts that the Govt. does not have any sympathy with the agitators nor they have shown any respect for human life and dignity for People of Pakistan to them the Constitution which is personified in Nawaz Sharif and the parliamentarians are is cronies if Nawaz Sharif is hurt the constitution is violated. Their performance shows that they take Nawaz Sharif and idol to be worshiped. It is strange that “luminaries” make orations some of them saying the Model Town tragedy is of the things “which must be in every great victory” (Court from Light Brigade) some of them make a fugitive reference in sympathetic words about the dead but briskly escape any productive criticism of the same. One had expected Fazal Ur Rehman to give some human expression but he too became a corruptive agent when acting like Rafiq Tarrid an emissary of Nawaz Sharif for corrupting Judges performed similar functions for purchasing Altaf Hussain to the Sharifs’ Camp. Altaf Hussain a self proclaimed emancipator could not resist the fragrance of crispy dollar notes brought to him by saint Fazal Ur Rehman and that was the sum total of the value of the escaped in London. There may be much more to write yet I think I cannot make my friends more knowledgeable than they are. Now about the container residents i.e. TUQ and IK by and large the common men who have been bitterly opposed to Nawaz sharif and has had sympathies with the agitation launched by them have been disappointed by the mode, pace and output of this agitation. These two persons leading their respecting mobs which they claim runs into hundred of thousand. While their opponents says two zeroes in their figure are spurious……… have failed to mobilize public opinion in the country because people have doubts about bonafides and source of inspiration. Some people say that this is yet another attempt by the powers supporting status quo in Pakistan to divert a genuine revolutionary movement of a kind of Kamalist’s revolution in Pakistan has people are fed up of slogan mongering and felonious performance by the Govt. for the last about seven decades. If intentions are to be gather from end product of an adventure then certainly Parliament of Pakistan is acting as an abettor of murderers, dacoits and anti nation inhuman elements. If performance is the yard stick to measure the competence of the performer then both TUQ and IK are rushing to prove their incompetence and inequality to the task they have chosen of their own volitions. May Allah disillusion the people of Pakistan so that they may be able to learn from their experience.

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