In continuation of Crisis of Pakistan.

This is with reference to Saudi Arabia's role particularly in Pakistan.
Prior to Iranian Revolution, Saudi Arabia was a back bencher in Muslim Politics while Shah was dominating Mideast and South Asian political theater. The agenda of Imam Khomeini to export his revolution to Muslim World put America and Saudis to alert. Earlier western block had successively tried to create there favorite as leader of Muslim World but repeatedly failed in their project. For this purpose Jammal Abdul Nasir, Moammar Qadafi and Ayub Khan had been tried but finally not approved. Ultimately Shah of Iran was virtually built up into a Western constable for Middle East and South Asia so far as Muslims were concerned. Shah who was intoxicated with his superiority complex of a 2400 years old imperial heritage became an irritant for the West and ultimately he was thrown out by Khomeini revolution in the second attempt, the first one being Dr. Musaddaq's temporary overthrow of the Shah.
To fill the void so created it was necessary that Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Pakistan must receive concentration of Western Politics and diplomacy. In this context, Saudi Arabia alone was the choice for the reason that it was Western creation and exclusively depended on West for the existence of royal family. In Pakistan Saudis were resented by common Muslims for the unacceptable religious dogma of Saudis to about 90% of Muslims in Pakistan.
To cut short in this background, Pakistan after its disintegration and crisis created in Iran due to revolution was pessimist about source to fund its poor economy. This is because earlier Iran provided major cushion in form of oil support at a price as low as less than half a rupee per gallon (4.5 litter). Iran had also at the very initial stage rather became the first to recognize Pakistan as an independence stage. And there is an irrefutable evidence that it footed domestic and foreign bills of Pakistan Government, later on in 1965 War to quote Air Marshall Asghar Khan, Iran put all its air force facilities and sources at the disposal of Pakistan. The secular approach of Shah in matter of his domestic and foreign policy had made Iran extremely popular among Pakistanis because Shah was never found to patronize any Muslim denomination either in Iran or elsewhere particularly in Pakistan.
In its designs to destabilize Muslims in the World, United States had on its agenda to engineer a war between Iraq and Iran and the excuse was to be Algerian treaty about Shatt-ul-Arab. In this situation United States allured Saudis to rise into a leader of Muslim World to frustrate Khomeini's designs to export his revolution. For that matter it was thought by the contenders to leadership that Shias in the world in general and in Pakistan in particular will resist the imposition of Saudi domination. The lifeblood of Saudi Empire is there religious dogma disputed among Muslims and tribal affinity of Ahle-Saud and its allies. After the disintegration as stated above Pakistan has become a fully needy nation seeking support from anywhere it could get finances. In this situation Saudis came with there alms and loan in abundance and also at lucrative jobs for Pakistanis in there own country. When hundreds of thousands of Pakistani Labor force got into hands of Saudi Waqeels, they taught them there own religious dogma and made them a lobby of Saudis. Within Pakistan Saudis funded seminaries and the sectarian outfits as stated earlier through Zia-ul-Haq. The exile of Sharifs to Saudi Arabia for a decade inter-alia resulted in family ties between Saudis and Sharifs. Thus in Pakistan they had a tribal affiliate. There religious dogma has now infested Pakistan with Sectarian controversy resulting in bloodshed and ultimately terrorism. The net-result of Saudi 'benevolence' is that Pakistan is now virtually a colony of Saudi Arabia and it is apprehended that their family affiliates will become a royal dynasty in Pakistan.

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