In continuation of religion and science:

Islam gives man status of vicegerent of God and makes a abreast of Ilm-ul-Asma. It means that Islam contradicts the concept of anthropologist that man is born with a clean slate. Ilm ul Asma is the ultimate state of knowledge about the universe, its constituents and the part each constituent performs in the existence and maintenance of the universe. Imam Jafar Sadiq, the great grandson of Imam Ali(A.S) is reported to have said, “Each human being is gifted with capacities and capabilities of becoming master is ever vocation and pursuit. It depends on his effort and the environment wherein he is born or he exists. The wisdom and truth in this statement is a sterling truth because but for the qualities of a Prophet, every person male or female, may become authority in any branch of science and art. Having equipped man with this capacity and knowledge, Allah demands of man to adopt virtue and avoid vice, in whatever stage or state he is. For this goal to achieve, Allah has gifted man with His final communication through His last and final of prophet. The Quran is Al-Kitaab i.e. The Book and not A book which means that it is a complete guide and code of conduct for man. Man is required to act in accordance with the command of Allah, here too Allah has not left man in wilderness. He has provided a practical personality to implement Allah’s command to all around him and provide to and lead for standard of performance to humanity. The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (P.B.U.H), has left an everlasting record of his performance as pubic property. The Prophet also educated, trained and instructed the members of his house and his companions to perform as administrators, scholars, soldiers, teachers and scientists as well to transmit precedents to posterity for guidance till the end of human race. Note: After a pause of a fortnight, awaiting input by our worthy friends and putting our own efforts to contribute from the earliest sources of Islam about what we can collect in this context. Thanks.

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