In continuation of religion and science:

It is both informative and interesting to borrow from “History of mankind” volume 1 by Jacquetta Hawkes and Sir Leonard Wooley page 676. “Any people whose economy is based on agriculture must needs observe the seasons, and since the farmer must plan ahead, he requires something in the nature of a calendar which will give him due warning of the year’s changes. Again, religion demands that certain festivals should be celebrated at fixed times; these are seasonal, generally related to agricultural happenings, and they too have to be planned in advance, and that with more accuracy than in called for by field work, for here it is a matter of special days and not merely of seasons. The drawing up of a formal calendar involves more prolonged and concentrated observation than the farmer himself can afford, and demands a record best kept in writing, which is beyond the farmer’s power; it is a task which would naturally be allotted to the leisured and the educated, i.e. to the priests or priestly scribes”. The renowned Muslim historian and a great jurist who was member of his majesty’s privy council, Syed Ameer Ali, in his famous book “Spirit of Islam”, in one phrase sums up what religion is. “Religion is the most sublime experience of mankind”. In the same stance, one could say that science is net result of man’s strenuous experiments. There are numerous religions and one cannot authoritatively the numbers. However, we need not innumerate them. Mostly, the people of Europe, Asia, Africa and America are mainly believers of one of two categories of religion.
  1. Religions of House of Ibrahim i.e. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  2. Religion of Aliens i.e. Hinduism, Buddhism and Zoroastrians.
These religions have followers in India while Buddhists are in Burma, Tibet, China, Japan etc.  Zoroastrians religion which has almost reached extinction, yet because of literary contribution of its scholars in Sassanid period in Iran, information about this religion is available to a research scholar. In all these religions, concept of Khayr o Shar is a common factor though their teachings about the supreme authority i.e. Creator of Universe is distinct and often are found at bay against each other. This debate is not relevant for our thesis. The religions of Ibrahim’s house basically believe in a Single Supreme Lord and are Iconoclast. Of these 3 religions, Islam is the latest and the last of the 3. Therefore; when we write about Islam, we seek information from these 3 religions even about the requirement of our thesis, therefore; hereafter we will mainly concentrate on the Quran and the Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H) and people of his house, mainly Imam Ali(A.S) and his distinguished companions. In these circumstances, we expect from our friends, guidance and material in this context.  

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