In continuation of sectarian divide among muslims.

As I have posted our write up on Facebook and our website it has attracted one of my learned friends Mr. Abdur Rashid and he has been kind enough to give his suggestions and also suggested certain corrections in the substance. For example, he says that when I said “Muslims are butchering Muslims on the behest of their Ullema” he suggests that a suffix of ‘sue’ should be put with Ullema. I have little hesitation to do it. Yet the over whelming majority of those who occupy the pulpit and command the podium in mosques, imam bargah and seminaries do what we have said about them. It does not mean that the Ullema-e-Haq are not found among us. They are there, though in a very small number but to add to their numerical thinness they are not allowed to come up to the stage, nor there seminaries are as popular as it should be. They are not allowed to explain their constructive ideas or harmonizing news. Occasionally they are treated as if they are out-castes. They are also blamed as agents of aliens and hypocrites. This is yet another anomaly which has so far hindered coherence.

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