In continuation of who is Responsible for ever ongoing crisis in Pakistan?

The objections raised in public by the aforesaid leaders, particularly the charge sheet served on Ayub Khan by Maulana Maududi in a public meeting outside Bhaati Gate Lahore, wherein his life was attempted at but instead of Maulana Maududi one of his ‘Jammat rukun’, most probably with the name of Muhammad Bakhsh was murdered, gave fillip to public resentment and displeasure against the field marshal. The movement launched against Ayub Khan by West Pakistani right wing leaders was going on smoothly when all of a sudden Bhutto emerged on political scene and by his emotional addresses provoked the youth to rise against Ayub Khan in violence. Meanwhile Ayub Khan, whether by his own mistake or with the option of Malik Ameer Muhammad Khan, lost the most effective disciplinarian in his camp on 18th September 1966 and he was succeeded by General Musa Khan who in spite of being a soldier was no match to Malik Ameer Muhammad Khan as a governor. With the decline in popularity, and an ineffective governor of West Pakistan, Ayub Khan could not control the violent agitation sponsored by Bhutto. Students in West Pakistan mesmerized by Bhutto’s charismatic personality took to streets in huge processions expressing their wrath against Ayub Khan. In one such procession led by Sheikh Rasheed, a student leader, on 8th November 1968 in Rawalpindi, Abdul Hameed a student of Poly Technic College fell victim to police firing. The very next day two major events took place. One in Peshawar when Hashim Khan, ineffectively targeted Ayub Khan in a public meeting and one at Nowshera where a student agitation was target of police firing pursuant to the orders of Assistant Commissioner Nowshera, Mr. Roshan Zameer and the firing resulted in death of a handsome, youthful and brilliant college student Syed Zaheer Naqvi. It was a coincidence that both these martyrs of democracy belonged to Attock District as Abdul Hameed from Pindi Gheb and Zaheer Naqvi was from Kamulpur Saeedan, Attock. Bhutto capitalized these murders to his own benefit and added fuel to the blazes of agitation in West Pakistan. Zaheer Naqvi’s father Haji Syed Mohabat Hussain Shah commanded great respect in NWFP and Attock District. Rallies of agitators every day condemning death of Zaheer Naqvi would march in the streets of Attock. The participants being from Punjab and NWFP. Haji Mohabat Hussain, who by nature is a law abiding person filed a suit for damages against state and Roshan Zameer AC and the suit was decreed up to High Court and the decree became final. I had the honor to be council for the plaintiff along with Arbab Sikender Khan Khalil who later became Governor of NWFP. It was during these agitations that Begum Nusrat Bhutto, Hyat Khan Sherpao, Khursheed Hassan Mir and General Naseer Ullah led a procession in Attock, condemning the murder of Zaheer Naqvi. She along with her above named party leaders and Peoples Party’s Local Chairman Syed Ashik Kaleem visited my house and I hosted a tea party on that occasion. Ayub Khan as stated earlier resigned and Yahya Khan took over. On the other hand Mujib-ur-Rehman in East Pakistan created a storm of agitation against Ayub Khan thus the whole of Pakistan was ablaze. The right wing leaders were helpless as along with Ayub Khan Bhutto maligned them also. Ayub Khan in spite of his demerits had not disturbed the cultural fabric of society whereas Mr. Bhutto preached philosophy of insolence, arrogance and irresponsibility. He told people to rise up and per force snatch there rights but never asked them to perform their obligations. As a result of these preaching’s students were fighting with their teachers, workers with their employers, subordinates with their officers, everybody would talk of his rights and would ridicule the one who asked them to honor their obligations as well. A nation who was taught Unity, Faith and Discipline was now tutored to be violent, recalcitrant and arrogant. The dilemma continues till date. To continue.

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