In continuation of who is Responsible for ever ongoing crisis in Pakistan?

More than 50% of development projects launched by Ayub Khan were to the benefit of West Pakistan alone and the new capital was exclusively in West Pakistan. Therefore politicians of East Pakistan exploited there jealousy oriented propaganda against then erstwhile Punjab which was major component of West Pakistan. Army too was also manned by West Pakistanis which was also an irritant to East Pakistanis. East Pakistani leaders would usually say that the new capital Islamabad permeates with smells of jute, which was the major export item in foreign trade and was produced only in East Pakistan. India, as recently admitted by PM Modi, was always active to disintegrate Pakistan, exploited such factors against the solidarity of the country; Ayub Khan himself being a soldier and his cabinet only his henchmen could not effectively contradict or counteract such propaganda. To add to this all Ayub Khan for yet another term posed himself as Presidential candidate and against him Madr-e-Millat, sister of Quaid-e-Azam, Fatimah Jinnah, was the strongest candidate. (I had the honor of being her polling agent at Fateh Jhang.) East Pakistanis had strong passion for Fatima Jinnah. She was candidate of all the political parties except convention league in the country. Ayub Khan mercilessly rigged those elections, the tradition which is now perpetuated by Nawaz Sharif. Fatima Jinnah lost. This malpractice added fuel to the fire of resentment against center in East Pakistan. Though Ayub Khan tried to build up himself as a hero in 1965 war with India, yet the damage done to his person by aforesaid events could not be remedied by war hysteria created by him. And India mislead people of East Pakistan by a propaganda that Ayub Khan left alone East Pakistan in 1965 war and India was so sympathetic to East Pakistanis that not a single bullet was fired by Indian Army towards East Pakistan. Sequel to ceasefire in 1965 war a conference was held under chairmanship of Russian Prime Minister in Tashkent and certain peace proposals were adopted. The campaign of Hussain Saheed Soharwardhy, Mulana Maududi, Chaudary Muhammad Ali, Maulana Bhashani had already exposed Ayub Khan’s demerits to the people and there was wave after wave against Ayub Khan among the masses. America did not like that Ayub Khan could be replaced by extreme rightest almost clergy formations. Therefore at this juncture Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was promoted as savior of Pakistan and BBC, Voice of America and other publicity organs, patronized by CIA, promoted Bhutto as the stalwart among Asian leaders. Bhutto who till recently was foreign minister of Ayub Khan, had resigned on a pretext that Tashkent declaration had a disastrous secret which he will explain in his ever on going next public meetings. This assertion was repeated more than a hundred times by him but he took the secret to grave without divulging it to people. For giving him at the spot instructions Ratna Devi, wife of Soekarno of Indonesia was also sent to Pakistan and Bhutto halfway his address to a mammoth public meeting in Mardan, left the audience and flew for a meeting with Ratna Devi. Ayub Khan had to resign amidst public allegations promoted by the rightest, and robbed by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He handed over the country to yet another drunkard General Yahya Khan on March 25 1969. Yahya’s contribution to crisis of Pakistan to follow.

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