Iran and international diplomacy.

There are going to be big changes in South Asia and certainly towards peace in the region and welfare of the people. Iran has its own stature and it does not depend on negative forces as long as Iran had effective role in the sub-continent there were no sectarian feuds only because Iran whether democratic or imperial never depended on any religious sect for its good will. I have had opportunity of close association with Iranian diplomats in Pakistan even in Shah's days. I always heard from them speak in terms of good neighbors and not promoters of any sectarian dogmas. Even after Shah, although the helm of affair in Iran was in the hands of clerics, yet they always honestly and with sincerity of purpose preach Muslim unity and recognizing existence of Sectarian differences. They preach unity among Shias and Sunnis. Unfortunately, after the fall of Kingdom in Iran when the void was filled by Saudi Arabia, a homogeneous society in Pakistan has been divided into internecine sectarian groups. One will be surprised to know that Saudis have gone to this extent that they compel people even in countries beyond Saudi soil to change their names if they have an impression that the person maybe a Shia or a Sunni of liberal sect. For example, they compelled a Minister of Afghanistan in Mujahideen reign, Abdul Rasul Sayaf, which means slave of the prophet to change his name to Abdur-Rab Rasul, that is slave of the Creator. This is because they do not honor the name where the Prophet is glorified. In these days they have expelled many Pakistanis whose names bore alliance with the prophet or the members of his family like Ali, Hussain, Raza etc. People in need of Jobs have been compelled to adopt Wahabi Dogma in their daily religious practice if they want to continue in Saudi Arabia. All the sectarian killing of non-wahabi Muslims in Pakistan is through Saudi outfits let there be some rest in such killings and let Iranians be wise enough to promote peaceful co-existence among Muslims belonging to different sects, only then the change in stance of Iranian regime will be a blessing for the people.

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