Iran’s strategic port offerst to help India bypass Pakistan.

Pakistan since Zias time has behaved in a manner which can be termed subservient to Saudi-American commands. It is regrettable that Zia-ul-Haq proved to be faithless to well wishers of Pakistan. He launched sectarian hate campaign in the county simply to please Saudis and Americans during the critical years. Iran was facing an imposed war by Saddam. Zia forgot that it was Iran who had first recognized Pakistan and as the report say paid state bills of the new country for the initial critical periods. Air Marshall Asghar Khan lives to confirm this that in 1965 war Shah of Iran had placed all his oil resources and air force facilities at disposal of Pakistan. How did Pakistan repay Iran in Iran-Iraq war which endured for 10 years. Is it not a fact that even after Zia, imperceptable Anti-Iran policy has been pursued by Pakistan till date. In Yemen crisis, Pakistan Government Officials have been giving this impression that Iran is supporting hothis while Pakistan is supporting Saudi Arabia and Nawaz Sharif has gone to this content as to say whatever Pakistan possesses can be sacrificed to defend Saudi Dynasty. When Pakistan behaves in this faithless, unpredictable fashion how can it complain a self-reliant nationalist state like Iran. In Pakistan people have been suffering from terrorism and other threats while Nawaz Sharif on pretext of Umrah leaves his people alone to appease Saudis. With this attitude how can Pakistan expect others to toe its policy in international affairs.

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