Is there a need for Peace Talks?

The dialogues are a farce. It is an intra-taliban exercise to hoodwink public opinion. Taliban have brought Nawaz Sharif into power in the federation and also in the Punjab. During the elections of 2013, Rana Sana Ullah a senior member of Shahbaz Sharif Cabinet had staged a flag march in Punjab along with an organ of TTP called sipah-e-sihaba. TTP scared away potential rivals to Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan from the election scene. TTP is obviously a Saudi outfit like those in Syria for achieving Saudi interest in this country. Saudi princes were physically present in Pakistan to supervise the performance of Nawaz Sharif visa-vis the treatment of terrorism issue which was being swalloed by Nawaz Sharif, yet the public pressure obliged him to stage the drama of Intra-Taliban dialogue. Todays reactions of Nawaz Government about Taliban atrocities is as meek as a lamb entreating a wolf. The attitude of Taliban committee is insolent, rebellious and taunting to government in contrast to governments docile reaction. A prominent pro-Taliban cleric, Munawar Hasan has said "let there be hundred such incidents yet peace talks must continue" meaning thereby till Taliban demands are met. The purpose of talks is to side track the public opinion against Taliban and to create an aggressive violent and dreadful lobby for Saudi Arabia.

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