Judicial review of performance of federal and provincial governments in meeting the corona virus challenge:

We, here, do not recapitulate what has been contribution of judiciary in challenges faced by the Nation. Today during authority or no force in country takes responsibility of this, God forbid it may result in a disaster. Such politics is far worse than undesirable corrupt practice of a person with authority. The direction of the Court to federation and provinces to formulate a giant SOP for meeting the crisis is of course the need of the time. Had this controversy been allowed, it would have definitely irreparable harm and damage to the state. The suo motto corona virus case hearing, their lordships have amply taken the government to account for their mal performance to combat corona virus crisis. It has been unfortunate, that from Prime Minister, down to ordinary political worker on both sides remained even more busy in blame game against their rivals, whereas they were required to combat the odds. More regrettable it is that the prime Minister came up with a gulf of difference between the center in province of Sindh. If one views his posture objectively, one is reminded of Mujeeb ur Rehman and his associates propagating against the unity of Pakistan and preparing ground for disintegration of country. Moreover, the Prime Minister performed in these days as left-wing revolutionary fighting against status-co. He has been behaving just like a fool who was cutting the same offshoot of a tree which was his seed. If such practice goes unchecked and low.

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