Letter to United Nations

Dear Sir/ Madam. I may venture to give my view on the causes of a genocide in Pakistan particularly of Shiites and the apathy of the governments at federal and provincial level. It is encouraging to note that the secretary general of United Nations has been kind enough to alert the government of Pakistan to address the subject problem. The causes of Shiites genocide are obvious. Pakistan government is indebted to Saudi Arabia for its coming into being and its sustainability. Saudis by their own declaration do not tolerate Shiites and such sects of Muslims who do not believe in Saudi self-created Islam. The fact is that Saudi creed in spite of bribe and coercion could not bring to it's fold more then short of 15% population of Muslims. Till the secular government of Raza Shah Pehalvi in Iran Saudis were almost in the third row of governments that mattered in Asia. The Khomeini doctrine became successful. Shah was ousted, the Shiite clergy came into power and the slogan of Shia-Sunni voiced by Khomeini attracted all the Muslims but for Saudi Wahabis. Unfortunately Saddam of Iraq on instigation of United States unleashed attack on Iran and Saudis came in support of Saddam without any reservation, hesitation or decency. It was apprehended by United States at that time that Shias in Pakistan may come in open support of Khomeini's resolution and Islamic Iran, therefore United States prompted, instigated and maybe forced Saudis to take over the void made by the fall of Shah of Iran and became leader of Muslim world by eliminating its rival creeds particularly Shiites in Pakistan. The US stooge Zial-Ul-Haq who had already been foisted in Pakistan and who was well known anti Shiite General was encouraged to execute the task for Saudis with a promise that till his death he shall remain in Power in Pakistan which did happen. This is the reason essential for launching of Shiite persecution in Pakistan. Saudis were disappointed by Pakistan People Party's government. Their misgiving was that Asif Ali Zardari being a Shiite would act to their disadvantage. There fore in the elections of 2013 Saudis militant deterrent organ in the Muslim world viz Taliban, who were already busy killing Shiite were giving a mission to scare away all political parties other then Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan and the clergies scared away PPP, ANP and MQM from joining hands and having access to public for soliciting votes. In this way the government of Nawaz Sharif was brought into being; his younger brother, Shahbaz Sharif's cabinet member Rana Sana Ullah made flag marches in the Punjab along with terrorist zealots in the elections. He is now senior minister of Punjab and wields unchallenged influence and never feels shy of rather feels proud in boasting his association with the anti Shiite terrorists. Shiites of Pakistan visa-vis international sympathizers are definitely poor so much so the government of Iran for affiliation with whom Shiites have been suffering, do not raise any protest against the unfortunate vulnerable position in which Shiites are placed. In Pakistan Shiites are being shot at as the 'Venton' boys of Shakespeare would kill flies or a merciless hunter would kill lame ducks. The facts and figures of Shiite victimization may be part of United Nations Human Rights Violation Record. In the above circumstances, I would humbly request the United Nations relevant segment to find ways and means for coming to the rescue of Shiites in Pakistan for the sake of survival of an enlightened sect of Muslims which is now soft target of atrocities. Syed Muhammad Ayub Bukhari Advocate Supreme Court Of Pakistan

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