Nawaz Sharif with golden belt around his waist in presence of Obama while Pakistan is bleeding.

Today like a proverbial attendant in Royal Presence, Nawaz Sharif along with his family is enjoying his slave role in Obama's presence while terrorists are let loose in Bolan to give output to him in form of dozens of victims of sectarian terrorism and there family's bleeding eyes are shedding tears while the the custodian of their lives who does not refrain from repeating that he will play his role like Hazrat Omar who made himself responsible for killing of even an animal along bank of Euphrates but it is strange that when the country is in the grip of terrorists, he is busy licking the shoes of Obama another term of lease as a serf in his estate. It is time for the Nation to ask him the question that why it is so that his tours abroad are so scheduled as to show him absent from the country when a major tragedy is to be enacted by the terrorists. Another question maybe asked from him that why the victims of terrorism in Pakistan are similar to those who are being targeted in Saudi Arabia while offering prayers in their mosques. It is a fact that more than forty thousand Shias have been made victim of terrorism as a result of US-Saudi policy against Shias and it is Nawaz Sharif and his defense minister who have publicly said that they can sacrifice Pakistan to save Saudi dynasty.

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