On my last article Zunbair Bacha put following question to me and my reply to the same.

Q: Zubair Bacha It's correct but make sure to tell way ways to confront Ans.: Zubair Bacha Sb we can confront this menace by strictly observing secularism, nationalism and democracy of course Islam is the best course but the clergy has so confused the Muslims that hardly a very insignificant percentage of people can discern Islam from what it is not. The confusion that persist is as old as 1400 Lunar years and by passage of time the vested interest has added to this confusion. Let us see what is contribution of the ideal Islamist party Jamat E Islami to the cause of Islam. Yesteryear Ameer says Islam can be forced through Jihad and Qataal. He further maintain that Muslim culture being corrupted by women participated in functions where men to throng. He further says Musical plays are adding to corruption of society yet he is blind enough to note the presence of Siraj Ul Haq the incumbent Ameer Who is inseparably connected with Imran Khan the founder of the culture in Pakistan which has been assailed by Munawer Hassan. If this is the mafia to whom Islam is interested the fate of the Creed is not in any secret chamber. Let the people rise to get rid of all those who are in power and the others who claim to substitute them because all of them from Parliament to Dharna are chips of the same block and to quote a British Governor Milkha Sing or Nathoo Sing are all bloody same thing.

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