Our rulers are like Egyptian governor of Harun-ur-Rasheed.

Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif were often heard quoting Hazrat Umar that if a dog died of thirst on the shores of Euphrates Umar will be responsible for that. Quoting it these brothers used to say that they will too be responsible for such an incident. Now more than six hundred people have died with heat strokes in Karachi but the Sharif brothers instead of owning the responsibility for their death have started blame game and their lackeys have started blaming someone else for these tragedies. This is in fact the real crisis in Pakistan. But people of Pakistan are themselves responsible for imposing upon themselves rulers like them. They dance for their glory and boast of being their slaves. This is not peculiar with common men but even holder of as great offices as cabinet ministers and a judge of a high court have been heard making such claims. Once a deputation of Egyptian farmers came to Baghdad protesting to Harun-ur-Rasheed that why he has posted an idiot as governor of Egypt. The background of the protest had been like this: The Nile rose in usual flood and destroyed cotton crop of the farmers. They had gone to the governor to seek relief and to have declared there area as calamities ticker and the governor had replied ‘why you have planted cotton? You should have better planted wool.’ The fool little knowing that the wool is not planted in fields instead it is grown on sheep. This stupidity of the governor had infuriated the farmer and they had taken there grievance to Harun-ur-Rasheed. Harun-ur-Rasheed replied that I knew he is an idiot but I have imposed him upon you for the sins of your land which had produced Phaoroh. I want to tell you that you can be ruled by a donkey like my governor. This is as punishment for you. Allah knows what sins Pakistanis have committed that they are being ruled by such idiots.

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