“Pakistan did-not mediate in Saudi-Iran row” – Saudi Foreign Minister

Pakistan is not in a position to play the role of an impartial mediator. Pakistan's prime minister for all his family relations and his business interests in Saudi Arabia is nose deep indebted to the kingdom. There is Pushto word 'Mashroet" which means a pigmy who pretends to be a stalwart. Nawaz Sharif is just a Mashrote he has least recognition in the international community, nor he has the wisdom and credibility of a mediator. The Saudi Foreign Minister has told the truth without mincing words because a hasty action at the part of Nawaz Sharif has put a dent in the self-presumed prestige of Kingdom as it gives an impression that Saudi Arabia has to depend on him both for defense and political solution of its problems. When such impressions got currency in the comity of nations the Kingdom hastened to dispel the impression by above quoted statement.

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