“Pakistan is among countries that will remain in turmoil for decades” – Obama

Not only Pakistan but entire Muslim World is treading a perilous path which has been the choice of their self-seeking rulers who either per force or because of their treacherous designs assume capture the position of authority that is either by defrauding the people or putting them in fear. The history of Muslims shows that since after assassination of third and fourth caliph they have never been party to the choice of their rulers. In the earlier history dagger or poison and bribery or treason would be the factors that brought them to the throne. To assume power sons have been killing father’s brothers have been extracting eye balls of brothers midst the claim of their piety and codification of edicts. We do not have the courage to critically appreciate our do not judge the conduct of our rulers mentioned hear-to-above. Since the decline of Muslim's rule - which cannot be called rule based on Islam - we have been enslaved intellectually, morally and politically by the West and later on by the gangsters of the West who settled in the 'New World' and are now dominantly found in form of United States of America. Since this later phase of Muslim decline, the differences of juristic or political views have been exploited by the Western and American power groups. The predecessor of US, that is Great Britain, planted cancerous agents in Muslim body in form of Saudi Arab and pretentious prophets. These 2 agents served their masters tremendously well because since they are implanted the historical juristic and political differences of Muslims have been aggravated into sectarian conflicts and feuds. In the meanwhile, when Muslim countries became source of oil and gas the Western Powers and the United States became desperate to occupy the same zones not ostensibly by themselves but by their trusted agents, particularly Saudi Arabia. To achieve these vicious ends these powers had 2 mutually conflicting options. One, to strengthen these agents in authority and to please masses also in those regions. But as one cannot negotiate iron and glass without loss of the later therefore they had to choose either the people or the usurpers. People could not be their option as they want minimum number to please. Therefore, their choice is the cancerous agents imposed on Muslim World by them. To achieve this evil objectives, they have two maladies to perform. One to keep the people under deterrence and if it is not possible by their own force to create deterrence for Muslims from among themselves or to give up their tendency to usurped Muslim wealth. The second could not be their choice hence the first is the only choice for them. To achieve these objectives, the deterrence has been created by United States in the entire Muslim World. Therefore, from East to West and North to South wherein Muslims are a sizable populace or form majority of a country, human blood is being shed by US agents in those regions. One can say without contradiction that Mujahideen in Kabul later on transformed into Taliban, subsequently some of them elevated to Al-Qaeda and now find manifestation in ISIS. No one else but Hillary Clinton bears witness to this fact that ISIS is baby of America created for disintegration of Syria and Iraq and by expanding Saudi rule in those regions yet the resistance in Syria could not be foreseen and it now re-bounces. US has now distanced from ISIS because of its failure in Syria. Cold shoulders them and it now, in reaction, bounce upon the master. For their brain washing by Saudis they take every other believer in Islam to be heretic and liable to be eliminated prior to taking up arms against the non-believers in Islam. It is said that it is difficult for a teacher to make a pupil learn what he has taught but more difficult is for the teacher to make the pupil unlearn what he has been taught. For this reason, ISIS does not forget what it has been taught and carries out its barbaric pursuits in the Muslim World. In view of the facts that Obama is creator of these cancerous elements and Saudi Arabia their teacher therefore they very well know how ISIS would behave. Pervaiz Rasheed or his master Nawaz Sharif are too small or insignificant to productively contribute in this disastrous situation. Since Nawaz Sharif himself is, has been and tires to remain the beneficiary of misdeeds of these cancerous agents.

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