Role of those who are responsible for the present crisis in Pakistan

Present crisis in Pakistan agitates one’s mind to locate as to who are immediately responsible for it to be honest to the doing of Sharifs, Imran Khan, Tahir Ul Qadri, PPP and those clerics who are always expectant for the fall of the lower lip of a camel walking in front of a Jackal . A parable goes that a camel driver was going on his journey and he saw a jackal following him but having his eye on the lips of camel. He asked it why you are so eagerly following us. The Jackal replied don’t you see the hanging lower lip of your camel which soon fall and I will enjoyed it. But here for the clerics the cash in hands of the giver and they need not wait for hanging of the lip. The politicians are as big thieves as the Sharifs. Therefore, all these factors join together to mislead and hooding the public who may wise to find solution via revolution for their miserable plight.

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