Sacrifice By Eitizaz Hasan.

Sacrifice by Eitizaz Hasan is definitely unprecedented act of chivalry at least in the history of Pakistan where even the personnel especially commissioned to avert such assaults avoid performance of duty. By his sacrifice the young boy has saved a thousand school children to become victims of this brutal exercise of Taliban. This appreciable event took place in Hangu, the hero belonged to Shia community. The KPK government who is believed to be a facilitating agent of Taliban refused to acknowledge the act of heroism fearing displeasure of Taliban. After the federal government, the army chief and other political leaders came out in praise of Aitizaz Hasan, Imran Khan too realized that he should also join the public applause for the hero and snubbed KPK government for its thievish attitude. It was after Imran Khan’s taunt that KPK government filled in the blanks by sending emissary on behalf of the chief minister and the chief minister himself did not pick up the courage to go to Hangu which is irrefutable evidence of his heart beating in Taliban’s frequency as he is a Pathan we cannot call him a coward but he cannot avoid a title of a conspirator. In such a situation when a province of Pakistan is being run by a person like Pervaiz Khattak one can hardly see Pakistan getting out of crisis.

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