Saudi minister blames

Today was the first day of Eid-ul-Azha in Saudi Arabia, there were only 2.5 Million pilgrims in Mecca but the negligence of Saudi authorities to handle a part of these pilgrims to perform Rummy Jammarat (Targeting the principal devil) in Mina. This number is not a huge number, people have seen more than 10 million visitors to the shrines of Imam Hussain on the 10th of Muharram last year in Iraq. Iraq is no doubt a country reaching the bottom line of statehood and is infested with acute sectarian feuds. Yet the visit to Imam Hussain's shrine was so disciplined that it was being controlled by a feeble old man Seestani. There were no Shurtas man handling the pilgrims nor there were any abuses of (bidat) innovators to this mammoth assembly of humans.
Saudis recklessly issue visas to pilgrims as if it is their tourism industry yet they fail to perform there duties of a host. There negligence has taken lives of hundreds of Muslims and injured twice the dead so far collected. If they were incapable of handling the affairs of the pilgrims they must have not been reckless in issuing visas. They must have first measured there own capacity and ability to accommodate the pilgrims in this huge number and thereafter they should have issued visas to them. On this very first auspicious day the other performance of Saudi government is bombardment from air on oppressed Yemenis only to stabilize their suzerainty in this once strong but by now a poor country whose oil resources have been usurped by Saudis. Yesterday Mufti-e-Azam in sermon at Mount Arafat and today's performance of Saudi Government exposes the 'sincerity' which they have for the cause of Islam.
The Saudi minister has put the blame on a calf as a bear did. This proverbial blame game of an accomplice with a victim is not new in countries which maybe ruled by ruthless despots as Saudis are.

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