Saudi Prince’s convoy triggered Haj stampede.

This is the hard fact that but for themselves they consider human lives of price and not of value and this is also a fact that his once a Bedouin tribe of Najad now take themselves superhuman, no Muslim on earth has that worth which a Saudi camel or horse may have. There Shurtas torture and abuse Hajis who perform Haj rituals according to a Muslim discipline other than their dogma. They don't care how they are pushing aside a pilgrim busy in offering Salat at Makam-e-Ibrahim in Kaaba or pays veneration to the holy prophet by touching or kissing the walls of his sacred shrine. They frown at and snub pilgrims paying homage at Jannat-ul-Baqi, the principal graveyards in Medina housing the demolished graves of many a companion of the Holy Prophet, his daughter, his grandsons and majority of his wives. These graves were once distinguished by fascinating structures having tombs and other decorative additions. These structures were desecrated by the founders of Saudi Kingdom and render to dust. To the sycophants who are mostly in pay of Saudis, a Saudi prince in such a joy ride is not objectionable. The Saudi princes can play with the lives of the pilgrims as wanton boys to with flies. This is high time for Muslim governments and other opinion makers to come to the rescue of pilgrims to in order to save them from disgrace, humiliation and death at the hands of the Saudi joy riders and form a committee oversee and monitor the Haj proceedings in Mecca and should not leave the pilgrims at the mercy of such Saudi Princes.

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