Sectarian divede among Muslims

No one can dispute the fact quoted in your comment. The dispute between Muslim sections which later on became Muslim sects is as old as sometime earlier than the demise of the Holy Prophet. It was some times later say quarter of a century after Holy Prophets demise that these sections became SECTS. However in the first century of Islam there were bloody wars among Muslims as the Egyptian Muslims aggrieved of the Mal-governance of governor took a long march from Egypt to Medina and the agitators protesting against the misrule were pacified by the Calph, yet his secretary Merwan who was his close relative played treachery with the mob carrying out long march. On disclosure of the treacherous letter sent by the secretary to the governor of Egypt directing beheading the agitators as and when they arrive in Egypt, the agitators reverted to Medina and assassinated the Caliph who was son in law of the prophet also. Thereafter Ali was elected as Caliph but the wife of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Ayesha who was not at peace with Ali for certain domestic reasons revolted against Ali and a battle took place between these two armies and after defeat to Ayesha, Ali in honor sent her to Medina. This confrontation between Ali and Ayesha encouraged Muawiya the governor of Syra and the son of arch rival of Hasmites, Abu Sufiyan, rose in revolt against the federal authority though the battle between them in the plains of Sifin did not reach the logical conclusion, Yet the gulf created by these sad events resulted in tragedy of Karbala where Prophets grandson Hussain was butchered by forces of Yazid, son of Muawiya who had succeeded him and hand full of men acting as soldiers of Hussain including tender boys and a suckling baby in the plains of Karbala. Henceforth the sections in Muslim polity were transformed into sects. The exploiters later on have been fanning sectarian troubles among Muslims to achieve there mundane ends. It is a matter of History that in these conflicts Shias were either betrayed by there followers as Hussain was by the Kufians. It is further a fact that the colonial powers like Great Britian and now US use this sectarian divide among Muslims as there tool to bring the Muslims to knees. In the last half of a century US has been exploiting this weapon among Muslim states through Saudi Arabia as and when the formers interest so demanded. Therefore one with and objectivity cannot exonerate US and its allies off the allegations leveled against them on this score. It is for setting the record straight.

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