Sectarian Divide among Muslims.

Purpose of British Empire for creation of Saudi Dynasty is well described in a book titled “Confessions of a British Spy and British Enmity against Islam. Eighth Edition” by Thomas Edward Lawrence. No doubt during those days Ottoman Empire which was though nominal yet symbolic of Muslim unity in the world was suffering from corruption, mal-governance and other evils which are always disastrous for a society or a state. Instead of being dissolved it could be reformed by removing the corrupt ottoman rulers or the system which was the state craft of the Ottomans. The British colonial power decided to dissolve the symbol of Muslim unity and instead install a group of religious fanatics who believed that but for them all the Muslims were heretics and liable to be made slaves as any infidel is. The author of the book who was main character in evolving strategy to simultaneously get dissolved the Ottoman Caliphate and Install the above group which he had already found as Saudis of Najad, what was the modus oprendi of British spy. The success of the spy has been resulting in misery of Ummah and its affliction to endure. However obviously the remedy of this affliction seems too remote in centuries. So installed in body of Muslims as a cancerous venom though the Saudis were first despised by Muslims as there true identity was visible from there misdeeds against Muslims and Islam. It looks strange that how did these cancerous designers became successful in there evil adventure. The parable quoted by Sheikh Farid-ud-din a famous saint of India and reported in book biographies of Saints. ‘Siyyar-ul-Aoulia’ by Syed Muhammad Mubarik Kirmani will illustrate this phenomena: “One day Satan came to eve and handed over custody of a child to her saying that he is a son and his name is Khanas and she should look after the child. When Adam PBUH returned to his house and inquired about the child, the eve told him the story. Adam PBUH became annoyed and showed the child out. The next day when Adam came back to his house the child was still there, Adam cut him into pieces and threw the pieces on top of hillocks. The next day Satan again came and got his child resurrected and brought into life. Adam slaughtered the child burned him into ashes and threw him in the river. Next day the Satan again brought the child back to life but when Adam returned home he was so furious that he slaughtered the child got it cooked and both him and Eve had the dinner with this stuff. Then voices came from inside that I wanted to be here where you yourself have deposited me forever. He further told that his name was Khanas." Khanas in arabic means an evil whisperer and those who recite the Holy Quran at its end recite chapter ‘Annas’ wherein they pray Allah to save him from Khannas. Saudis through there ill-earned wealth have injected this Khannas in the bellies of those who believe in there creed and they exploit them for their impious designs. The impious designs include disintegration of Muslim society and genocide of those who do not believe in there creed particularly the Shittes as quoted above.

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