Shia victimization in Pakistan its causes and remedy.

Shia victimization in Pakistan its causes and remedy. Syed H Naqvi Bukhari Sb Please see my latest post on my perspective of shia killings. PLease suggest any organizational or leadership measures to change the situation. Do you think UNO is the forum OR that too is a tool of the international establishment? Naqvi Sahb, I was intending to write on this subject with as much of objectivity as humanly possible. For that purpose I wanted to have chronological data of Shia and anti Shia strife. It is not possible that I could do it without plenty of time for this purpose at my disposal, however, in view of urgency express by you i would mention some activity but without dates when the same took place. It will be under various headings that follow:-  
  1. In recent past i.e. in Zia ul Haq’s period when he enforce Zakat and Ushar ordinance most probably at the inkling of some agencies that manipulate chaotic situation in the country for the advantage of the Rulers, Mufti Jafar Hussain was prompted to launch protest against the ordinance. Shias like other Muslims are quick to rise at emotional instigations at still quicker to subside and forget the issue. The folly in this agitation was that Shias refuse to pay Zakat but did not make any arrangements as an alternate for the help of the needy of the community. On the other hand lot of Sunnis rushed to swear false affidavits to the effect that they are Shias and thereby evaded payment of Zakat on their bank accounts. The anti Shia forces thought that by this devise the Shia whose are in minority may exceed numerically and be a threat to a Sunni majority benefits. In the same context Shia law of inheritance favouring female has also been exploited without bonafides by certain property owner without a male issue to falsely assume that they are Shias also aggravates the issue.
  2. It is my personal  experience and I can say without fear of  contradiction that Shia clerics having licence ۔(اجازہ) from grand mujtahideen for collecting Khums misappropriate the amount spend it on their luxuries and live a life which is enviable to feudal lords. They talk in a parlance which is more than hypocritical and is often couched in phraseology alien to the people of Pakistan. They pose to act like Irani clergies or Iraqi Scholars with all the deficiency of their own knowledge about the problem faced by the Shias.
  3. These facts make Shias vulnerable by those who serves on Saudis agenda to minimise Shia’s population in Pakistan.
  4. In these circumstances the most regrettable lapse of Shia leadership is that it never cares for economic problem of the Shia community and do not make capable of defending themselves.
No doubt solidarity of Iran for its being our neighbour and for its being first country to recongnised Pakistan and to have stood of great assistance to Pakistan during Indian aggression. Air Marshal Asghar Khan  has often quoted that in 1965 War he was sent by Ayub Khan to seek Iran’s support for Pakistan and he says when he reached the royal palace he was without any diplomatic formalities was granted interview by the Shah who summoned his defence minister without any loss of time and ordered him to put all Air Force resources of Iran at the disposal of Pakistan. This was not because Shah was a theocratic cleric but it was for the reason that he considered solidarity of Pakistan to be in the interest of Iran. In the same spirit Shias must not boost slogans in favour of Iran. For the reason that its present government is led by Shia theocracy, their stance should be that we support Iran because peaceful Iran and peaceful Afghanistan will insure peace and prosperity in the region. The empty slogans mongering by Shia cleric glorifying Iranian cleric is taken  as provocative by the above anti Shia segment of Pakistani society.
  1. Until Shia leadership identifies needy Shias’ financial problems and create means to eradicate deep sense of deprivation among Shia  have-nots. The vulnerability of Shias in Pakistan will remain intact.
  2. Allah says ان لیس لاانسان الا ماسعی ۔  and Allah does not change the fate of a nation unless it strives for its change. Don’t look towards United Nation or any other agency for your protection and safety. Because you are made vulnerable either because of your behavior or because of your weakness coupled with a sting to others.
  To continue after any query or criticism.

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