Syed H Naqvi my FB friend put a question to me and my reply to him as under respectively:-

Syed H Naqvi my FB friend put a question to me and my reply to him as under respectively:- Question: Does it mean that you are happy with existing system ? If not how do you suggest the change should occur ? Do you want to remain with in the system and suggest change from within ? My ideal is to achieve basic necessasities for the people, social justice, end to police brutalities no more loans from IMF, cheaper electricity, cheaper cost of can we achieve with in the system because you condem both the vehicles of change. Answer:- Had it not been a query about my personal view. I would have not stated what I am going to narrate below:- we are in politics for two generations and our politics is that of resistance. It was in 1914 that my father with great distinction passed entrance Examination of Punjab University when the subcontinent has only two universities. Sometimes later he was offered Tehsildar's post which was a service very coveted for by Muslims in British Raj. He declined it join Khilafat Movement and courted arrest and served Jail sentence of 6 months. He never regretted his decision at any time in his life. He one of senior most members of Jamat e Islami. Because of him and his friend of Sardar Muhammad Akbar Khan of Dhok Sharfa. I got proximity with Moulana Moododi during my studies at UNiversity Law College Lahore I with other colleagues of mind had scores of visit to Moulana's head quarters and had direct question and answer session with him. I had very close association with Hafiz Kafaiyat Hussain and Allama Azhar Hassan Zaidi during the same period. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto made personal request to me to join his party on 21-04-1969 but I declined because grand Ayatullah Mohsin Hakeem had given Fatwa that socialism was Kufr. Begum Nusrat Bhutto was my guest at my residence during her campaign against Ayub Khan while Z.A. Bhutto was arrested by the Field Marshal. Chaudary Muhammad Ali the only valid coin in the pocket of the Quaid had been visiting my house during his campaign against Ayub Khan. In this back ground Ik and TUQ Nawaz Sharif and the like are the most insignificant pigmies for me. I am not slave of personality cult. Those who mount air conditioned container and live a luxurious life in a 40 acres house or enjoy their lives in Jati Ummrah palaces or live in self imposed exile in London are parricides and not national leaders. They cannot serve the nation and whatever they can do is in their personal interest. Every conscientious person would hate them for me they are rotten eggs and i wish somebody puts them in a single basket and the nation gets rid of them. Pakistan crisis will end when the alluded to basket of rotten eggs is exploded.

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