The root cause of insurmountable crisis in Pakistan.

The cry that Pakistan is passing through a critical stage is as old as Pakistan itself. After the demise of The Father of the Nation, Muslim League became a horse without harness. The leadership of Muslim League had blown a tirade of hatred against east Bengal as they fabricated law to oust a stalwart of Hussain Shaheed Soharwari from National Politics. The East Bengalis who were frustrated on language issue took it as an assault on their National Integrity. The provincial elections in Punjab NWFP and Province of Sindh were rigged as shamelessly as the ballet boxes of the candidates opposing Muslim League nominees were openly broken and ballet papers were gifted to Muslim League Candidates. Thereafter no election in Pakistan was ever fair. All though it is commonly stated that 1970 elections were fair yet the fact is that during these elections the establishment had blown up balloon of Z.A Bhutto in west Pakistan and that of Mujeeb Ur Rehman in east Pakistan while the right wing parties were projected as clowns and agents of vested interest. An artificial storm of class hatred was blown to hoodwink the voters. The establishment was suffering from laxity to control the gangsters of PPP and Awami League. After the unhappy catastrophe of disintegration of Pakistan the misrule of PPP which was a by-product of convention Muslim League added intensity to crisis in Pakistan. Then Muslim League emerged from the house of dictator come president Zia-Ul-Haq. This Muslim League flourished on fraud deception an fallacy in the name of Islam. Now comes Qiad-e-Azam Muslim League under the umbrella of Zia-Ul-Haq and the favorite baby of dictator. Nawaz Sharif became the heart and soul of PML-N. Whatever Pakistan has been facing is delousing of Muslim League whether it was Liaquat Ali's Muslim, Daultana's Muslim League, Khoro's Muslim League, Qayum Khan's Muslim Leagues or Muslim League Nawaz.

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