Why US, Russia or UN did not come to the rescue of victims of terrorism in Pakistan and why did the governments here took no notice of the casualties?

It was on 27 February 1977 that Reichstag (German Parliament Building) got put to fire and rendered into ashes by Hitler himself. But he put the blame on Poland and for that matter a Polish underdog was made scapegoat to make people believe that it was doing of Poland by the suspect. This excuse was coined by Hitler to commit aggression against Poland, which heralded World War II (1st September 1939). Later after about two years United States jumped into World War II on December 7th 1941 but prior to that it had to engineer Pearl Harbor excuse. German propaganda machine headed by Goebbels made the world believe that it was Allied countries which have made life worst for Germans on globe. Roosevelt floated his clamor that the axis forces are ruthless enemy of mankind and as long as they are not crushed no peace shall ever be the fate of humanity. On 13th November 2015, Paris experienced a carnage perpetrated by ISI, a baby of United States and Saudi Arab in second degree of the pedigree of marauder outfits produced, the first being Al-Qaeda as ideological father of ISIS. God knows at whose asking ISIS enacted these horrible scenes in Paris and who is responsible of Turkey downing Russian warplane. Which of the two tragic incidents can be called “Reichstag of Hitler” or “Pearl Harbor of Roosevelt”? However, it came out from horse mouth that it is a prelude to World War III. But against whom? Obviously, the banner shall say War on ISIS but in fact it will be a war on Muslims. This blame Muslims will have to bear because of docility of their governments or greed of the rulers of Muslim World who could not dare tell US and Saudi Arabia that they are the real mischief makers as they were expecting huge aids from these two countries either as loans or as alms. In today’s Muslim World there is no stalwart who could rally the Ummah against them. Turkey in what circumstances and for what outcome downed Russian warplane, this act maybe either result of some mistake or illegitimate effort to protect its air space and punish the violator. Be as it may it is certainly a grave lapse on their part. Putin being adamant in this situation maybe playing Hitler in Reichstag Arson. What should henceforth Turkey do is awaiting a stalwart like Muhammad Ali Johar who wrote an editorial in his comrade under the title, ‘Choice of Turks’ but the Ottoman Turkey could not heed to his advice. Misfortune is that today Muslim World does not have a single soul which could be of that courage or Wisdom as Muhammad Ali Johar was. We see in Pakistan; people weather in government or in opposition are selfish coward or sans-vision yet claiming to be visionaries outmatching anyone else in the World. How can we expect Nawaz Sharif to be so wise and so daring as to analyze the situation and have some views to contribute? Iran has already been cowed down by US, Saudis as everyone knows are camp bearers of US because recently their Foreign Minister had said that if the Palestinians make trouble for Israel and there is a war Saudis will stand by Israel. It is being propagated that wherever ISIS and its prototypes are found the US will reach them with full might. There is no doubt that these outfits produced by US-Saudi efforts and investment are or can be easily stated to be present in any Muslim country and it will be an excuse for aggression upon that country by America while Saudis will be there to give Fatwa (Decree) of legitimacy to such aggression. Holy Pope has already given his verdict about the World War he provokes.

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