Youm-e-Ali Tonight in Muslim religious parlance is called ‘Shab-e-Zarbat’ meaning the Night of Assault. It signifies the murderous assault on Imam Ali while he was holding the office of Caliph of Islam. There are various versions about this tragedy in Muslim annals by different scholars and religious leaders. Dr. Ayesha binte Shatei, an Egyptian Sunni world renowned historian, author of numerous books on religion, literature and social topics and held prominent chairs in United Nations as well. She died in the year 1998, she has given an objective account of this tragedy and the motives behind the same in her book Batla-e-Karbala which was rendered into Persian under the title Bano-e-Qaharman-e-Karbala and I have had the honor to translate the same under the title, Zainab the Invincible. Of course this book is on the life of Zainab-binte-Ali yet it provides authentic information about the events leading to this tragedy as well. Because of objectivity of the author and her unimpeachable stature I have chosen to include pages from this authentic book. It is available on my website and can be downloaded free of cost. Imam Ali among others of his qualities he is known for his attraction and repulsion which has been a subject of great scholars’ debate for the last 1400 years and shall continue to be live for times to come. About these qualities Maulana Room says ‘Though Art lion of Allah in Chivalry what though art in magnanimity who does except thyself know? The sword of thy forbearance has cut my body the waters of thy knowledge have purified my dust. O Ali, the chosen, open the secret of rendering for a hateful offence a graceful reward’ Iqbal says: ‘Do thy known est what does Resurgent (Karar) mean? This distinction is one of Ali’s (many) distinctions. For nations, in this perishable world Life is imposable sans resurgence.’

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