Zardari’s errand to Raiwind, Mansoora and Zahoor Ellahi road.

Mr. Zardari there are a few doubts about your integrity in the title exercise. 1) Z.A. Bhuttos Judicial assassination. 2) Shah Nawaz’s murder. 3) Benazir’s killing. All have ultimately reached stories in oblivion and this is all because you believe in politics of compromise and thereby win seventy-courses lunch at Raiwind palace and not only this you also earn immunity from judicial process against your robbing of trillions of dollars like Sharifs. You compromise with Chaudarys just to save your party’s government when Raiwind royal family left you. This is your price in politics. BUT 14 innocent persons killed by the regime you want to save in consideration of 70 courses served to you are not Bhutto’s. They are innocent poor people and Zardari cannot sell their blood. IF You were there in Karbala you are being reminded of it because you fly an Alam at your house. You would certainly after the Tragedy would have bargained compromise with Yazid for a consideration of a few kilo gold. Mr. Zardari you are adding fuel to the fire and most probably licking your worlds ‘Khapay Pakistan’ because you are busy ‘Khapay Zardari, Khapay Nawaz Sharif’ which is not a service to the nation. Is seeking trial of murders the conspirators and the abettors of murder is unconstitutional than what a savage constitution you practice

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